Goodbye Kathmandu! Hello New Delhi!

October 22nd – November 8th In the past two months, I have had the incredible opportunity and privilege of living in Kathmandu and partaking in excursions to Dharamsala, India and Tsum Valley/Gorkha District, Nepal. My experiences have challenged me in ways I could have never imagined—from the three-hour intensive Tibetan language classes every day to […]

Uncertainty in the Hidden Valley of Happiness

October 19th – October 22nd Hidden in the snow-covered mountain range of the Himalayas lies Tsum Valley, where a small settlement of villages are established, and home to thousands of Tsumbas (the indigenous people to the valley). The name “Hidden Valley of Happiness” was given to Tsum Valley for its concealed beauty and its quiet […]

Everything You Want Is On The Other Side of Fear

September 3rd – September 8th Pharping After nearly 35 hours of travel time, I felt defeated. I arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal around 11 am, where I went through immigration services, briefly introduced myself to my cohort, and got on a bus to Pharping, Nepal where orientation took place. The bus ride to Pharping swept away […]

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